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Music and More

Posted on April 19, 2018 by Elizabeth

This morning, my son and Alexa had an exchange that reminded me of another one that took place last October.



My son loves reptiles.

He is also a fan of asking Alexa to play music.

This morning the two collided when he asked Alexa to play an anaconda song.

Son: “Alexa, please play a anaconda song.”

“Alex: “Playing Anaconda.”

Some sort of Sir Mix A Lot Anaconda remix came on that started with “My anaconda don’t like none unless you got buns hun.”

Son: “What? What did he say?”

Me: “UT oh.” I stand up to make my way to our Alexa for re-direction.

Son: “Mom! Mom! Mom! Wait! Don’t talk to her yet. [...]

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