Elizabeth Chennamchetty
Life Happens. Sometimes you just have to write about it.

There once was a rat named Pearl.

She went on a trip – what a whirl.

They kept me alive.

Maybe even strive.

But after this tale,

you may hurl.




She found this – right off the bat!

“Silly people, you know I’m a rat.”

“Oh, no!” everyone freaked.

Except Pearl – who peaked

out from the tiny hole.

Malik was worried, “Oh! No!”

“What will I say when I go?”

back to school – “it’s my fault!”

“She should be in a vault.”

What is there to say but “Ut oh!”…


“Wait! I know how to fix the mood.”

 “Let us coax her out with some food!”




An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

And apparently – Pearl it could sway.



Sitting in M’s favorite chair.

I think I might fluff up my hair.

It’s a cozy spot,

for watching whatnot,

and I’ll gladly sit next to him there.


Hickory, dickory, dock.

Pearl ran up the clock.

The clock struck one,

then Pearl ran down.

Hickory, dickory, dock.




I feel honored we changed the name. From “mouse” to “Pearl” in this rhyming game.

We chill in this chair. Mother Goose in the air. In typical Malik flare.



Pearl Riding Nemo



Riding Nemo was fun – we’re on shore.

I’m glad I swam on the floor.

It’s better than water.

A tub – would be harder

It wasn’t my favorite for sure.









feeding Pearl


Three pellets a day and no more.

Even though we bought more from the store.

It’s not healthy to binge.

Too much makes me cringe.

But wait! I like snacks –have more?







What?! A monitor* at the door?

What does this house have in store?

For a sweet rat like me

Who is only like 3

And not accustomed to more.


*Monitor lizard is a fake toy





Pearl looks in mirror


I found my face in the mirror.

The kids behind I fear.

I didn’t look long,

a few seconds, then gone.





Dude, this isn’t some sort of show. Come On! I’m a rat on the go.




Yay! –Success we all scream!

They didn’t lose me – what a team!


I’m still alive.

Lucky to survive.

Now return me to school and I’ll give a high 5!





I guess I can’t ask for more. I’m an escaped rescue-rat from some store.




The End

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