Elizabeth Chennamchetty
Life Happens. Sometimes you just have to write about it.

I’ve had the good fortune of engaging early readers to edit and comment on my book, pre-publication. Here is what some of them are saying…

Bangles Bindis and Babies is an engaging story told with honesty, humor, and insight about the challenges of building a multicultural adoptive family. A truly American tale, it follows a mixed race couple who navigate eye-opening cultural clashes, tragedy and the foster care system with determination, humor, and love.” -Carol Schnaubelt, Writer

“At a time when the imposed mix of cultures across the globe raises extraordinary conflicts and so many in the USA try to resist the health and wisdom of this new society, an American couple succeeds in forming a cross-cultural family through marriage and adoptions. A must read to find meaning, hope and joy about a theme considered threatening for too many. It is serious, funny, a mind- and heart-opening experience.”
-Ghislain Labonte, www.traductiongaston.com, Author of Love in the Present

“An honest, substantive, insightful memoir written by a woman of extraordinary inner strength…..The bulk of this riveting book vividly recounts the nuances of interracial relationships, a Dickensian point of view of eastern culture from a western perspective, and a chaotic struggle in adulthood to establish an identity…..Not without excitement, the author is refreshingly candid and has expertly rendered her sheer survival, her emotional resilience, and her good humor in the face of the luckless cards she was often dealt.” -Arun


Amazon Reviews:

I received my copy from Amazon on a Friday afternoon and in between chasing my 3 year old son and various commitments, I finished every chapter by Sunday night! The author kept my attention with her many tales of a life as real as it can get. While not everyone has to navigate international family matters, they are family matters, nonetheless. She made me feel as if I were in the middle of each milestone moment. As I devoured each page, I found myself wanting to share particular parts with my friends and family…instead I’ll just share copies of this book. There is a relatable truth in this book. As humans we all wish to love, be loved, have a roof over our heads, enjoy family and create a future. She captured every one of these in a witty and loving way. -The Wood Family

This book is both laugh out loud funny (I kept reading parts to my husband) and heartbreakingly sad (not so easy to read out loud.) Bangles, Bindis and Babies is an incredibly open and honest look at navigating cultural differences, coping with loss, and building a marriage. (Wow, this is such a vaguely, general recommendation for an intensely personal memoir.) THERE IS SO MUCH MORE I WANT TO SAY about this compelling read, but I don’t want to spoil the emotional impact for the reader! -Cathy Brew

What a beautiful story!

This first time author lets us into her life in a touching, deeply personal way. I laughed and cried with her. I felt privileged to be welcomed into her world. There are lessons to be learned about marriage, child rearing and determination. I couldn’t put it down!  -Melissa Malesh